Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

McCain, Obama Trade Early Barbs to Frame General Election Race - America\’s Election HQ

I really didn't mind when the Democrats where fighting each other. It was fun to watch.

But now the match begins: McCain vs. Obama. To be honest, I'm not pleased with either candidate. McCain is a little too liberal for my views. Obama is way too liberal for me.

But since God can work through ruthless dictators like Saddam Hussein and company (see Romans 13), He can work through our future leaders also. The United States of America has fared liberal presidents before. Is this next presidency any different?

I some ways I believe that it is different. In spite of past liberal presidents, the country over all was conservative by nature. There was a balance to what the politician could accomplish. However, I believe, our country is NOT as conservative as it once was, especially in regard to life issues. This president may be able to move the country even farther to the left without the conservative constituency holding him back.

With social issues, fine. It's the people's will. With financial issues, fine. Again, it's the people's will. Health Care? Let them have their shot at a solution.

But what about LIFE issues? The voice of the unborn is already muffled by many liberal politicians. What does the future look like for the unborn?

What about Euthanasia, so called "mercy killing"? Unfortunately, liberals "loving to help people" will likely send people to the grave faster than ever!

Listen to God's Word. Think through your vote guided by your Christian conscience. Remember that the presidency is more than just fixing our personal problems or flattering our personal taste. There is a larger picture that must be thought through. Each vote is a critical decision, not just for you but also for the entire country (present and future).

May God's will be done through our election process.

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