Monday, December 17, 2007

National Right to Life Endorsement

The National Right to Life has endorsed Fred Thompson for the Republican party. We'll see how this important connection changes his numbers. Watching the last Republican debate (Des Moines Register), I was impressed with many of his answers (and lack of an answer in one situation.)

The candidate's Life agenda is important to me. He needs to look after humans from the "womb to the tomb." I guess that rules Rudy out. In my opinion, he was slammed by the National Right to Life newsletter that was in my mailbox today. Too bad, he'd be great with national defense.

I'm still not ready to decide who my man is going to be yet. I still
have some questions that haven't been answered. There are lot of
issues that I'm monitoring.

The big dilemma will be what to do in a choice between two pro-murder candidates. Do I waste my vote on a third party? Remember Ross Perot? That's how we got our last pro-murder president (Clinton).

What is your plan of action if this issue arises after the Conventions this summer?

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