Thursday, December 06, 2007

How Shallow Is Religion? - Mitt Romney Pledges to Serve No One Religion in Faith Speech
"I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be elected because of his faith nor should he be rejected because of his faith ... I will put no doctrine of any church above the plain duties of the office and the sovereign authority of the law," Romney said. " If I am fortunate enough to become your president, I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause, and no one interest ... A president must serve only the common cause of the people of the United States.”

While I'm trying to stay out of the political debates on the blog, I do wonder about separating one's beliefs from presidential decisions that will be made. Perhaps it is a symptom of the religious decline in America.

Can one truly act against one's foundational values and not have a burdened conscience? Is religion just something we do during worship one hour a week? Can you separate a faith from daily actions and legitimately hold true to it's beliefs? Isn't "religion" suppose to permeate our entire being and actions?

If we separate our religion from our daily life, we have no religion at all (Mormon or Christian).

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Anonymous said...

If we separate our religion from our daily life, we would not only have no religion, we would be democrats.