Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Massacre at VT

My sympathies to all who have been affected by this massacre at Virginia Tech. May Christ send His Spirit of consolation upon all in need!

As one ponders the threats of terrorism and heinous crimes, a few things come to my mind.

1. God didn't want this to happen. This world was created "very good," perfect. We shouldn't blame him for this.

2. This tragedy is a result of sin that has tainted the entire creation because of Adam's fall in Genesis 3. As humans, we need to own this problem and repent.

3. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for sin and provide salvation for all who believe in Him. This salvation doesn't take us out of this sinful world; but it does provide hope for all who believe that those who die in faith will have eternal life. We will see them again!

4. Jesus predicted that these types of events would happen in this world but ONE DAY He will come to destroy all evil. Read Matthew 24 and see!

5. I look forward to the day when Christ comes again and delivers us! Come, Lord Jesus, Quickly come!

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