Saturday, April 14, 2007

Local Area ELCA Churches Discuss Their Current Path...

It looks like not everyone in the ELCA is happy with the church bodies' disregard for God's Word. From what I have observed and heard second-hand, I would have to agree with the assessment of those in dissent. Unfortunately the church body's leadership is wandering from God's Word and it is trickling down in the ranks.

Christ doesn't want his believers fighting. However, he does call all Christians to remain true to God's Word and combat heresy. The only way that heresy can be overcome is by reading Scripture, discussing it, and following it alone. I pray that the scheduled discussion will be God-pleasing and produce repentance.

I've been watching the Word Alone network for some time. I hope they (through the power of the Word) can have an effect and bring the church body back to Scripture. The fact that the Word Alone network exists shows that we need to be careful in labeling the individual members of any particular church body. There may be a few exceptions to the bunch. Pray for them all!

See the article here: La Crosse Tribune - 6.0

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