Sunday, April 15, 2007

HPV Virus Requirements?

JS Online: Parents, politicians spar over vaccine

The debate over the HPV Vaccine will be an interesting test in ethics and morality. I am for requiring most vaccines. But this vaccine needs a little more attention than chicken pox. It may be giving license to promiscuity.

No one should ever have to go through the struggle of cancer when it can be prevented. This is especially true if one shot can prevent it. Did you know that there is another way to prevent the spread of HPV? It's the KYUmPO vaccine: "Keep Your Unmarried Pants On!"

One cannot get this virus unless they (or the partner) are sexually active with multiple people. This is a sexually transmitted disease! It's like gonorrhea, syphilis, or other STDs. The only difference is that this one has the word "cancer" connected with it. If one keeps sexual activity within the confines of marriage and marries an individual who is sexually pure, there is no need for the vaccine.

Where this gets sticky is "What about rape?" What about the female who is raped by a man who is a "carrier" of HPV? She would be infected and possibly develop cervical cancer later in life. Does this female need another lifelong reminder of the rape? No way!

I think the best solution to the spread of HPV is an ongoing Christian conversation with our children beginning at a very young age. I heard recently that the average first sexual encounter is now 14. This is outrageous! Children need to know that sexuality must be kept within the boundaries of marriage. They should learn this, not from the schools, but from their parents! Perhaps in this discussion we can see that God gave us the 6th Commandment out of love for us knowing the consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage.

We give our children too much permission in the sexuality area for fear that we may "sexually repress them." Out of fear of alienation we allow our children to be in opposite-sex relationships at 10 years old (or 6 and think it's just cute.) Out of fear, we let them make decisions about clothing that advertises their sexuality. Out of fear, we teach them how to use contraceptives. And now out of fear, we give our daughters a vaccine because we are under the belief system that these kids cannot control themselves and are going to "do it" anyway. (Evolution says we're all animals; now we all act like them too.)

Should a female child receive the vaccine? I would say probably yes. We don't want our children to have cancer when they grow up. The vaccine is less invasive than the treatments of cervical cancer. The vaccine is cheaper than cancer treatments too. But long before the vaccine is administered (starting at age one) we need to have conversations with our children about sexuality so they can have a healthy understanding of it and realize that this is a great gift that God has given to us.

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