Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet Ministry Opportunities

This evening (yes Friday night) I was working on my church bulletin. Having high-speed internet, I was also online at the same time. Within two hours I received two separate Instant Messages via yahoo of single men who were lonely. Were they hitting on me? I hope not! If so, the conversations quickly changed to Christ and his love.

Both of these men discussed the despair and out-of-control addictions that are in their lives. What an opportunity! I listened (or more accurately read) their comments and tried to direct them to the King of peace, Jesus Christ. On the second IM, we concluded with a prayer! I wish I would have done that on the first.

There are so many people in this world who are lonely, depressed, looking, etc. Perhaps I need to be online, working on the church bulletin on Friday night, more often. Perhaps the church at large needs to find ways of ministering better online.

Pray for these men. Pray also that, as Christians, we can find ways to reach out and help these people who are despairing!

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