Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is the Bible literal or serious?

News::Clergy on Same Sex Marriage Ban

Ah ha! The literal truth has been revealed.

Joan Sulser of 1st Congregational United Church of Christ says this about the marriage ban.

I would suspect that most of our congregation is opposed to the amendment because even though we take the bible (sic) seriously we don't take it literally. We worship the god (sic?) who's revealed to us in the bible (sic) and continues to reveal gods (sic) self to us. That means we also bring our hearts and minds to bear on this and the bible (sic) can be read in a variety of ways.
I'm glad to hear that Sulser takes the Bible seriously! I wish she literally meant it.

  • Did God literally create the world in six days? YES
  • Did God literally destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins? YES
  • Did God literally flood the entire earth and save Noah and his family? YES
  • Did God literally become man in the person Jesus Christ? YES
  • Did Jesus (God and Man) literally perform miracles while on earth? YES
  • Did Jesus literally die for my sins? YES
  • Was Jesus literally resurrected after three days? YES

Once we don't take the Bible literally, the Christian faith falls apart. How can we be certain of salvation without the Bible being taken literally?

God literally hates sin. (Homosexuality is one of many sins listed in the Bible.) Jesus literally died to forgive our sins. We are literally called to a life of faith and repentance. Now that is serious!

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