Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When Non-Lutherans Act More Lutheran Than Lutherans!

La Crosse Tribune - Bethany Sermon Series Supports Gay Marriage Ban

It appears that I have to agree with an Evangelical Free pastor more than the pastors of the E(L)CA in the La Crescent / La Crosse area. Once again it is apparent that not all Lutherans believe the same thing.

According to the article, on September 17 Rev. Corey Sataren spoke for a Wisconsin state amendment that bans gay marriage based upon Genesis. The article also refers to the 2005 Assembly of the La Crosse Area ELCA resolved to oppose an ammendment saying, "it's already part of Wisconsin law." (Translated as, "We like the vagueness of the law!" It allows us to look the other way...)

If one maintains that all Scripture is god-breathed and is the Word of God (like real Lutherans), this is a no brainer. It's clear in Scripture, Gay Marriage is opposed to the way God created the institution of marriage. Homosexuality, whether approved by the state or not, is a sin.

Christians cannot approve of actions that go against God's will. However, we must stand ready with the love of Christ for those who repent of their sin and desire God's forgiveness freely given to all sinners by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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