Sunday, September 24, 2006

Front Line Soldiers in the Spiritual War

On the 15th Sunday after Pentecost I preached on the Spiritual warfare that we, as Christians, are a part. The war has been won by Jesus Christ. Today we are only dealing with the terroristic threats and gorilla tactics of the Evil One.

As Christians, we must always realize that we serve our Lord in this spiritual war by means of our vocation (calling in life). One vocation in particular needs our help and prayer: School Teachers and Education Assistants. These individuals are on the front line!

In general, our education system has succumb to the Evil One. While they will not allow Christianity in the halls, the religion of tolerance (amorality) and pornography are allowed and encouraged. I hear horror stories from adults and youth of what is allowed in some libraries and taught in classrooms behind closed doors.

Very often our fellow Christians in these schools feel alone and discouraged by what they see and hear. Support them. Pray for them. Encourage them in their struggles!

We need Christians to become involved in public education: to serve the Lord by serving our neighbor. Parents, ask what is being taught in your child's classroom. Tax payers, pay attention to how your money is being spent by these institutions.

Remember, the war has been won by Jesus Christ! We simply serve him with the talents and abilities He has given us.

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