Thursday, September 07, 2006

Does Size Matter in the Church?

Common Size, Uncommon Impact - Outreach

Taken from the article above:

According to Barna Research Group (, the average church in America has only 89 attendees. That doesn't sound like much, but I've seen how 89 people, including my preacher friend and his family, can change the spiritual landscape around them. They loved the people in their church and community, and in return, the church and community loved them. Good things were happening in that Midwestern church and town.
While mega-churches seem to receive more attention, there are many small churches on the front line of the battlefield also. All too often we look at the Church in human terms ( i.e. numbers, etc.) and think that the mission of God takes place by our own merits. We couldn't be more wrong.

God sent Jesus Christ into this world to win the war against sin, death, and the devil. He uses simple things like words, water, bread, and wine to share His gifts with His people. The Church is not defined by humanity; rather it is defined by the Triune God and His word.

Our churches teach that the one holy Church is to remain forever. The Church is the congregation of saints in whch the Gospel is purely taught and the sacraments are correctly administered. (Augsburg Confession VII)
Our role, whether in a large or small church, is to remain focused upon Christ and His gifts. As our focus is on Him, we find our strength.

Our size is not in the number of members, it's in the graciousness of our God!

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